Ø The optical controller is a kind of three-terminal device which includes the light sensing element and the relay. Common optical switches contain a normally closed electrical contact.

Ø light control is generally used for the management and control of environmental brightness according to the use of AC outdoor lighting. With the expansion of application areas, but also for other electrical AC power management. Such as curtains and so on. The zero line of the input lamp of the controlled fixture is connected in a conventional manner, and the phase line is connected to the AC power supply via the optical controller.

Ø common applications, the optical sensor senses the ambient brightness is lower than the safety value, the phase line connected to the controlled lighting to start to supplement the lighting; when the ambient brightness is higher than the predetermined value, the phase line Disconnected, so that the controlled lamps lose power and turn off.


Ø The light controller of the wiring type can be directly connected and installed according to the correct connection method in the upper right figure.

Ø The lock controller should be equipped with a lock light control block, and the lock light control block should be installed in accordance with the right way before the right to connect the connection.

Ø The electrical connection of the light control unit should be performed with the power supply disconnected.

Ø When installing the spin-lock optical controller, simply insert the large pin into the large jack of the spinlock light control block and rotate it clockwise about 15 degrees to stop. Remove, the first counter-clockwise rotation of about 15 degrees to the bit, pull up to remove.

Ø The outdoor lighting with a lock light control seat, if not to use the light control mode, you can use spin-locking short-circuit cap instead of light control, then the lamp can be controlled by ordinary switch; if temporarily use lamps, you can use spinlock Open cap instead.

Ø outdoor light with a wired optical controller, if the temporary use of light-controlled way on duty, you can use the appropriate way to cover their photographic eyes, this time by the general lighting control switch.


The instantaneous type of optical controller in the ambient brightness reaches the set value, can provide immediate switching response. This feature makes the test more convenient.

Ø When the ambient light reaches the set value, the time delay type light control will perform the switching action after tens of seconds delay. This feature can help consider the addition to the night light or lamp interference, to avoid unnecessary lights off to better protect the gas discharge lamps.

Ø Lightning and other external factors may induce power surge, threatening lighting safety. Use with a surge protection of the light control, you can better protect the lamp.

Ø outdoor climate such as strong ultraviolet light will make the aging, it is recommended not to update a four to five years. Choose the configuration of luxury light-sensitive components of the optical controller, you can get a longer service life to reduce the replacement.