JL-424 Electronic Photocell
Rate voltage:
European color coded wires:
European color coded wires

Ordering Information

*JL-424C **-CE

*:The Model Number

**:European color coded wires

CE=European color coded wires

Product Summary

The photoelectric exterior sensor for outdoor lights JL-424C is applicable to control the street lighting, passage lighting and doorway lighting automatically in accordance with the ambient lighting level.

This product is designed with electronic circuits with MCU incorporated. Its quicker response with time delay of 5 seconds offers easy-to-test feature while avoiding mis-operation due to spotlight or lightening during night time. Especially, model JL-424C provides a wide voltage range for customer applications under almost power supplies.

Technical Data

Model No.JL-424C
Rated Voltage120-277VAC
Rated Frequency50/60Hz
Rated Loading

1000W Tungsten

1200VA Ballast@120VAC

1800VA Ballast@208-277VAC

8A  e-Ballast@120VAC / 5A  e-Ballast@208~277V

Power consumption0.4W max
Operate Level

16Lx   On

24Lx   Off

Ambient Temperature-30℃ ~ +70℃
IP GradeIP65
Overall Dimensions

JL-424C:  85(L) x 36(Dia Max) mm


Leads Length180mm or Customer request (AWG#16)
Fail ModeFail-On
Sensor TypeIR-Filtered Phototransistor
Midnight ScheduleAvailable per client’s request


Disconnect power, remove junction box cover, place the SWITCH in knockout hole and fasten with locknut. 

Wire according to the diagram in right hand.

Do not install the switch with the Photocell facing artificial or reflected light. This will cause the unit to cycle on and off at night. 

Initial Testing

It is normal for the SWITCH to take several minutes to turn off when first installed.

To test “turn on” during daytime, cover its eye with sliding the metal strip mounted.

Do not cover with finger because light traveling through fingers may be great enough to keep the switch open.

Test will take approximately 2 minutes.