BS5972 JL-224B Twist Lock Photocell Switch

Product Description
JL-224B twist lock electronic light control switch series products are applicable to independently control street lighting, garden lighting, passage lighting and doorway lighting according to the natural lighting level of the environment.

This series of products adopts the electronic circuit design with photoelectric transistor sensor and is equipped with surge arresters (MOVs). In particular, JL-224B is equipped with a top sensor for customers to meet the BS5972 standard.

In addition, the preset 5-30 second delay control function can avoid redundant operation caused by spotlight or lightning at night.

This series of products provides latch terminals that meet the requirements of BS5972, and this series also meets CE and RoHS standards.



Product Features
1-BS5972 omnidirectional
2-Time Delay 5-30s
3-Multi-Volts Available
4-Surge Arrester Built-in
5-Phototransistor sensor
6-Use with a BS5972 Twist-lock receptacle

Product lists

Rated Voltage220~240VAC120-277VC
Rated Frequency50/60Hz



-40℃ ~ +70℃
Relative Humidity96%
Rated Loading1000W Tungsten,  1800VA Ballast
Power Consumption8W@240VAC3W@120VAC
Surge Arrestoptional
On/Off luxOn<20Lx,off>80Lx
Fail ModeFail-off
IP RatingIP54
CertificateCE, RoHS

Installation Instructions
*Disconnect the power supply.
*Connect the socket according to the figure below.
*Push on the PECU and turn it clockwise to lock it in the socket.

wiring BS twist lock photocell03.jpg

Initial Testing
*When the PECU is first installed, it usually takes several seconds to shut down.
*To test "ON" in the daytime, cover the light controller with a black bag or opaque material.
*Do not cover it with your fingers, because the light passing through your fingers may be enough to keep the light controller switch open.
*The light controller test takes about 2 minutes.


1: B=220-240VAC
2: 12 = MOV 110 Joule / 3500 Amp
  15 = MOV 235 Joule / 5000 Amp
3: k(option)=210K Receptacle