JL-208 Photocell Sensor Shorting Cap IP54

JL-208 Short-circuit cap can be used to maintain the continuity of the socket during maintenance or embedment
ANSI C136.10 twist-lock
The IP54 protection level can be achieved after the installation
With surge protection
Ultraviolet stabilized polycarbonate shell
High-impact polybutylene terephthalate group



shorting cap three views.jpg

Rated Loading7200W Tungsten;7200VA Ballast
Rated   Frequency50/60Hz
Ambient   Temperature-40℃~+70℃
Related   Humidity96%
Shell materialPC
IP WaterproofIP54
CertificateUL, CE, RoHS

Installation Instructions

*Disconnect the power supply.
*Connect the socket according to the figure below.
*Push on the short circuit cap and turn it clockwise to lock it in the socket.

JL207C controller.jpg

Product Code Table

JL-208 shorting cap code.jpg

1: 12 = MOV 110Joule / 3500Amp
15 = MOV 235Joule / 5000Amp
23 = MOV 460Joule / 7500Amp
Empty=no MOV