JL-205-12D/24D NEMA Interface Twist-lock DC Photocell Light Sensor Switch


JL-205-12D/24D NEMA interface rotary lock DC light control switch series products are applicable to the independent control of street lighting, garden lighting, passage lighting, porch lighting and park lighting according to the ambient natural light level.

This series of products adopt electronic design with photosensitive tubes and are equipped with surge arresters (MOV). JL-205-12D/24D can meet all kinds of power supply and provide customers with a wider range of voltage.

In addition, its delay control function can avoid redundant operation caused by spotlights or lightning at night.

This series of products provide three lock terminals, which meet the requirements of ANSI C136.10 and ANSI/UL773 area lighting plug-in and rotary lock optical controllers.


Three Kinds View


Product Features

*ANSI C136.10 twist-lock
*Delay 3-20 seconds
*Built in surge protection
*Failure mode: light on
*UV resistant housing
*Support IP54/IP65/IP67 (equipped with photocontrol socket)


Installation Instructions
*Disconnect power;
*Connect the socket according to the figure below.
*Push the photocontrol on and twist it clockwise to lock it into the receptacle.
*Adjust the receptacle position if necessary, to ensure the Photocell facing the NORTH direction as indicated on the top of the photo control.


Initial Testing
*The Photocontrol turns off immediately when initially installed.
*To test “turn on” during daytime, cover its eye with opaque material.
*Do not cover with finger because light traveling through fingers may be great enough to keep the Photocontrol off.
*photocontrol test will take approximately 2 minutes.
* Operation of this Photocontrol is not affected by weather, moisture or temperature changes.

Product Code Table
1: 12D = 12VDC
24D = 24VDC
2: C=PC housing
P=PP shell
K=PP inner shell+PC outer shell
3: IP65=elastomer ring+silicone outer seal
IP54=electronic associated foam washer
IP67=silicone ring+silicone inner and outer seals (including copper pin)