JL-202 NEMA twist-lock thermal optical switch


Product Introduction
JL-202 twist-lock thermal optical switch series products are suitable for controlling street lighting and passage lighting independently according to the ambient lighting level.

The product is based on the thermal bimetal structure design and can provide a delay control function of more than 30 seconds to avoid redundant operation caused by spotlights or lightning at night. The temperature compensation system can provide consistent performance regardless of the operating temperature.

This series of products provide three lock terminals, which meet the requirements of ANSI C136.10 and ANSI/UL773 area lighting plug-in and twist-lock optical controllers.


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*ANSI C136.10 Rotary lock
*Delay function
*Optional built-in surge protection
*Failure mode: light on
*UV-resistant housing
*Support IP54/IP65 (equipped with photocell socket)

Product Parameters



*Disconnect the power supply.
*Connect the socket according to the figure below.
*Push the photoelectric controller up and turn it clockwise to lock it in the socket.
*If necessary, adjust the socket position to ensure that the light sensing port points to the north as shown in the triangle at the top of the light controller.


Initial testing
*It is normal for the Photocontrol to take few minutes to turn off when first installed.
*To test “turn on” during daytime, cover its eye with opaque material.
*Do not cover with finger because light traveling through fingers may be great enough to keep the Photocontrol off.
*photocontrol test will take approximately 2 minutes.
* Operation of this Photocontrol is not affected by weather, moisture or temperature changes.

Product Code Table

JL-202A M 12-IP65

1: A=120VAC




2: M=Medium size housing with lens

H= large size housing with lens

Empty=small size housing with lens

3: 12 = MOV 110Joule / 3500Amp

15 = MOV 235Joule / 5000Amp

23 = MOV 460Joule / 7500Amp

Empty=no MOV

4: IP54=electronic associated foam washer

IP65=elastomer ring+silicone outer seal

IP67=silicone ring+silicone inner and outer seals (including copper pin)