LONGJOIN 2 Series Twist Lock Photocontrol


Based on the NEMA standard interface, LONGJOIN Intelligent has developed JL-2 series twist-lock type autonomous optical controller, optical switch, adaptive smart link optical controller and optical controller socket.

JL-2 series products comply with ANSI C136.10 or ANSI. C136.41 standards, among which the autonomous control includes rotary lock thermal optical switch, multi voltage analog electronic optical controller and digital electronic optical controller; Adaptive (cloud) control intelligent optical controller. Realize local autonomous control intelligent management or adaptive cloud remote management of lighting.

This series of light controllers are cylindrical, with transparent light sensing window and 3 rotary lock brass plugs (or 4 gold-plated contacts). JL-202 series rotary lock thermal optical switch meets various power supply voltages, while other electronic/CNC/intelligent photocontrol meet 110~277V (even higher 110~480V).


JL-2 series NEMA standard interface optical control sockets also comply with ANSI C136.10, ANSI C136.41 and BS5972 standards, and are equipped with JL-2 series optical controllers, optical switches or PECU produced by Langjun Intelligent. Realize local autonomous control management or adaptive cloud remote control management of lighting.


LONGJOIN intelligent focus on the research and development of a series of products integrated with the Internet of Things communication technology, which will further bring all kinds of lamps into a new intelligent era. The self-developed UM9900 intelligent light pole management system can realize intelligent, refined, and data-driven adaptive.

2 Series Twist Lock Photo Controls




Notice: Y-available N-don't support L-lamp accessories W-wall mount type

2 series NEMA receptacle


2 Series Photocontrol Connect Wirings


JL-2 Series Troubleshooting

It is recommended to install by a licensed electrician. The equipment shall be installed and used in accordance with the American National Electrical Code, local regulations, and relevant industry standards.

Check whether the line voltage is consistent with the voltage displayed on the photo control label. To avoid fire, conflict or death, turn off the power, wire the circuit breaker or panel, and then test whether the power is turned off.

If it is installed on the south side of the building, facing east or west or pointing to the ground, such as windows, signs, street lights and lights that may be turned on, do not face artificial light directly. Do not place the light sensing control unit on the light (or reflected light) it controls, which may cause the street lamp to cycle.

LONGJOIN Intelligent JL-2 Series
The above is the general superficial reading of LONGJOIN Intelligent JL-2 series twist-lock autonomous optical controller, optical switch, adaptive intelligent optical controller and socket. Next, the small editor will interpret each product in JL-2 series separately, please look forward to it!