JL-700W Zhaga Book-18 latch socket


JL-700W Zhaga Book-18 latch socket (cable free version) of JL-7 series


Product Features

*Conform to Zhaga Book18 interface standard
*With the controller, it can reach IP66 waterproof grade, and single socket can reach IP20 grade
*Integrated single gasket can seal lamps and modules to minimize assembly time
*Small size, suitable for installation to various lamps
*Flexible installation position, which can be installed at the top/bottom/side of the lamp
*Support hot plug
*Contact rating: 1.5A, 24VDC (maximum 30VDC)
*Operating temperature range of - 40 ℃~70 ℃
* φ More than 40~80 models can be selected to meet the design size requirements of various controllers

Product Parameter


Port Definitions

Port 1:24VDC
Port 2: DALI -/GND
Port 3: DALI+
Port 4: Reserved I/O

Product Structure


Product Installations


Zhaga Socket Accessories-JL-700W