LONGJOIN JL-721NP Zhaga Book-18 Intelligent Locking Controller

JL-721NP is an intelligent lock-in controller developed based on the Zhaga Book 18 interface size standard. which can automatically dim the light through the local ambient illuminance, or realize the dimming through NB-IoT remote real-time/strategic mode. The dimming mode supports DALI and supports GPS to automatically locate the geographic location of the device. The controller is suitable for lighting scenes such as roads, lawns, courtyards, parks, parking lots, etc.

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Product Sizes

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Product Features

* DC power supply, low power consumption
* Comply with Zhaga Book18 interface standard
* Support NB-IoT communication mode, multi-band B1/B3/B5/B8/B20, support most countries/regions around the world
* Support GPS positioning
* MQTT network protocol, data encryption
* 0.01~64000Lux ultra-wide ambient illuminance acquisition range
* The wireless signal is abnormal and automatically switches to the local light-sensitive operating mode
* Compact size, suitable for installation to all kinds of lamps and lanterns
* Support the DALI dimming method
* Anti-false trigger design of interfering light source
* Lamp-reflected light compensation design
* Support DFOTA remote upgrade software
* Undervoltage alarm report
* External plug-in NANO SIM card
* Waterproof protection level up to IP66

Product Parameters

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PIN Definitions

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Wiring Diagram

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