Interpretation of single products | JL-712B2 zhaga book-18 intelligent locking controller of LONGJOIN intelligent JL-7 series

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JL-712B2 zhaga book-18 intelligent locking controller of JL-7 series

JL-712B2 is a smart lock controller developed based on the interface size standard of zhaga book18. This intelligent product adopts a light sensor + microwave mobile combination sensor, which can output 0-10V dimming signal. At the same time, it is equipped with Bluetooth mesh communication network, and can perform near-field control and configuration through app. The intelligent controller is applicable to lighting scenes such as roads, industrial mines, lawns, courtyards, parks, parking lots, industrial mines, etc., especially UFO lamps with zhaga sockets.

Product Dimension Drawing


Product Features

*Light sense + microwave, lighting on demand, more humanized and power saving
*Comply with zhaga book18 interface standard
*Automatic dynamic microwave frequency adjustment to avoid mutual interference in dense installation
* Φ 50.4 * 35mm, small size, suitable for installation to various lamps
*Support 0 ~ 10V dimming mode
*High performance microwave, 15m hanging height, 10m radius
*BLE MESH communication, supporting wireless near-field control and configuration
*Microwave anti mistriggering, indoor and outdoor
*Support third-party voice control, such as Alexa, Google assistant, smartthings, ifttt, Xiaodu, Tencent microenterprise, Dingdong, etc
*Waterproof protection grade up to IP66.

Product Parameters


Microwave Induction Sketch Map


Controller pin definition


Wiring Diagram


Product installation

The interface of the product itself has been protected against stupidity. When installing the controller, you only need to screw the controller directly with the base. As shown in the figure below, tighten it clockwise after insertion, and loosen it anticlockwise during removal.


Product distribution network and control

The controller needs to input the distribution network into the app before it can be controlled through the app. The specific process is as follows:

1) Ensure that the light controller is in the state of being able to be distributed, and the factory default is in the state of being able to be distributed, that is, after the first power on, the lamp will flash for 3 times with 50% brightness and then be normally on;

2) Open the mobile phone Bluetooth and "handheld light control" app, and add the device with "+" in the upper right corner to control and configure;

3) If a third-party voice control is required, such as Alexa, Google assistant, yandex Alice, baidu Xiaodu, etc., the white small gateway needs to be added through the app first, and then the device can be synchronized to the third-party voice app according to the third-party voice authorization tutorial to control the lamp through voice.


1. If the negative pole of the auxiliary power supply of the driver and the negative pole of the dimming interface are separated, they need to be short circuited and connected to the controller # 2.
2. If the controller is installed very close to the light source surface of the lamp, after the induction lighting duration is over, the micro brightness may light itself out.
3. Because the zhaga controller has no ability to cut off the AC power supply of the driver, the customer needs to select a driver whose output current can be close to 0MA when using the zhaga controller, otherwise the lamp may not be completely turned off. As can be seen from the output current curve in the driver specification, the minimum output current is close to 0 MA.


4. The controller only outputs the dimming signal to the driver, regardless of the power load of the driver and the light source.

5. During the test, do not use your fingers to block the photosensitive window, because the gaps between your fingers may transmit light and cause the failure of turning on the light.