Z10 Key A Version Receptacle Connector for American type 0-10V Dimming Controller

JL-770 Z10 Key A version Receptacle Connector can provide 0-10V mating combinations that bring flexibility and differentiation to the designer. It is perfect to use Advanced Controller Module, including compatible 0-10V Dimming, and a built-in sensitivity sensor to collect environment information or an IoT communication connector between the luminaire and network as a medium of typical data transmissions.

1. Unique pro-craft Sealing to achieve IP66 with no mounting screws.
2. Flexible mounting position, upwards, downwards and sideways facing.
3. LUMAWISE Endurance Z10 keyed Connector well mating 40mm and 80mm diameter base and various domes (35mm, 50mm). The bases and domes combine to create enclosures that accept electronics for sensing and control in harsh outdoor environments and indoor applications that include motion, occupancy, and daylight harvesting.
4. Compact size allowing greater flexibility in luminaire design.
5. Height above luminaire: 10m
6. IK09 capable
7. Perfect use for 0-10v American controller.