Product interpretation | JL-710 zhaga book-18 latch socket of LONG-JOIN intelligent JL-7 series

英文版4-JL-710 尾部引脚定义.jpgJl-710 zhaga book-18 latch socket of JL-7 series

JL-710 is a socket developed based on zhaga book18 interface size standard. It has built-in AC-DC switching power supply, outputs 24VDC power supply, and the maximum output power is 5W. It can solve the application scenario problem that the customer driver has no secondary voltage output to the zhaga controller, and the cost is far lower than replacing a dimming driver with secondary voltage output.


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Product features

*Comply with zhaga book18 standard

*Support top / side / upside down installation

*Small size, suitable for installation to all kinds of lamps

*The cost is far lower than that of choosing dimming driver with secondary voltage output

*AC wide voltage input (85~305vac)

*No load power consumption ≤ 0.12W

*Comprehensive protection: over voltage protection / under voltage protection / short circuit protection / open circuit protection / over temperature protection

*0~10v dimming model switching output

*Class II power supply

*With our zhaga controller, the waterproof protection level can be as high as IP66

Front pin definition


Definition of tail line color

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The opening size is completely equivalent to the standard NEMA socket, so the lamps can be opened according to the original NEMA socket drawing, and the lamps with NEMA socket holes can also be directly installed on JL-710 socket. JL-710 socket supports top / side / upside down installation, and can achieve an ultra-high protection grade of IP66 on any installation surface.

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