Light Carrier of Smart City-Neme Socket

1. Carrying background-the arrival of the 5G Ara
In 1995, Bill Gates first proposed in the book 《The Road to the Future》: In the future, we hope to control and manage the Internet of Everything. Nowadays, 5G is developing in this direction. It will open up a new blue ocean, which is the portrait of enterprises, industries, Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Things, and Industrial Internet. If we were to engage in smart cities before 5G came, it was narrowband interconnection at that time and we could only connect those dumb and invisible devices, but due to the advent of 5G, not only can these devices be visually managed, but also To achieve controllable and manageable, this is the major change brought by 5G. Therefore, we will truly enter a digital era. Every day more labor objects are those who are copied in the cyberspace. The virtual us, of course, are not only humans, but also city streets, vehicles, warehouses, buildings and so on. This revolution brought by 5G to subvert the traditional Internet application, some people call it the second half of the Internet, is the transition process from consumer Internet to industrial Internet.


And this change is about to be a rare opportunity and challenge for many Enterprises and Industries.As Times Change, We Need to Make Changes.

2. Smart Interface-Nema Socket

First of all, before we mention the Smart Interface(NEMA), you need to understand its partner: the Street Light Controller. That 's right, as the name implies, it is the “manager” of Street Lighting. Let us show you the Photocell installation diagram:

street nema 7 pin light controller.png

3. Why do we focus on Nema Socket?
As an industrial enterprise, LongJoin, before catering to the real arrival of the 5G Ara, we have seen the development trend of City Planning and Construction in the future, and we need more peer partners. We hope that more partners in the traditional Street LED Lighting industry can move forward together and make changes.
smart street lighting system.jpg

Upgrade Street Lights (Smart) Advantages:

Prolong Service Life of Lamps

Save Labor Management Cost

Intelligent Urban Lighting Management

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection


However, there may be people who have doubts about why we will focus on explaining the interface, and lightly talking about the Street Light Controller. I think we must know that in the process of innovation, there will always be such and such differentiation. No one can Say, my technology is the first in the world. But we all know that NEMA Interface Receptacle is produced according to NEMA Standard. Therefore, we do not have to worry about its differentiation. If we must find the difference, that is, the quality difference (material, waterproof) ,Longjoin, as a manufacturer with more than 23 years of Street Light Control production experience, produces With the continuous improvement of equipment, continuous innovation of Production Lines, and Experienced Technicians in mass production, we have to say that our quality is extraordinary.


4. Why choose us

Seeing this, some people will choose to trust us, some will choose to leave. Whatever,what we need is a like-minded partner, we are not even here to discuss with you the price of this product, the cost of all the digital indicators of money, we only talk about trends. Of course, all project development needs to measure input and output, but the highest manager of an enterprise should stand in a higher and longer-term perspective to lead the development and transformation of the enterprise. This is the trend we talk to you.
But I have to admit that under market economy conditions, we cannot stop you from choosing other partners or comparing us with others, but before that, there are a few points we must let you know:

-Our Project Cases

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 -Our Main Partners

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