Your Zhaga Book 18 Series

Zhaga book 18 photocontrol
Zhaga book 18 photocontrol
Zhaga book 18 photocontrol
Zhaga book 18 photocontrol
Zhaga control cover & base
Zhaga control cover & base

Design Your Own PhotoControl

Design Your Own PhotoControl
Design Your Own PhotoControl
Design Your Own PhotoControl

Design Your Own PhotoControl


JL-241J NEMA 7 Pin Photocell Base

The NEMA 7 pin base is part of the light controller accessories.
Voltage:250mA,0-30VDC Max,
Power loading:1000W/1800VA Max
Flammability Level:UL94-V0
3 pin twist-locking Contact dot material:Copper Contact
4 pin contact dot:with standard DALI(Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) and with standard 0-10V dimming
Base Material:PBT Custom prongs type:4 pin prongs, 5 pin prongs,7 pin prongs
Gasket:rubber Performance Advantage: may you taking photocell cover, 7 pin base and PCB master together combine achieve to control street lamp lighting to get IP65/IP66 standard waterproof.Certification:ANSI C136.41,CE,RoHS


Nema Photocell Cover

The NEM Photocell Cover is generally used to make the accessories of the light Photo Controller, and it is usually used with the NEMA 3/5/7 Pin base. The customer develops and designs the internal PCB board by himself, and assembles the light Photocontroller. This series of photocell light controller housings has a relatively high shell, which means that customers have a larger reserved space for the internal PCB board. Generally, customers who use this type of Photocell light controller housings are to produce their own intelligent Photocell controllers. The color of the light Photocontroller housing can be customized, but a certain minimum amount is required.


The double-layer NEMA Photocell housing has better corrosion resistance and impact resistance. Generally, the installation position of the light PhotoController is above the street lamp, and it is directly exposed to ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet rays will have a corrosive effect on the Photocell shell, which will accelerate the damage of the internal components of the Photocell light controller. The double-layer housing will slow down the damage to the internal components of the light controller.

FAQ About NEMA 7 PIN Photocell Cover & Base

Q1:What is NEMA 7 PIN Photocell Cover and Base?
A1:NEMA 7 PIN cover and base belong to the Twist-Lock Photocell Light Controller accessories of the smart street lamp series.NEMA 7 PIN cover and base belong to the light controller accessories of the smart street lamp series. Customers purchase NEMA 7 PIN enclosures and bases to make their own controllers.
Due to the differentsizes of PCB boards inside the PhotoControllers, customers will choose different heights of NEMA 7 PIN light PhotoController enclosures.

Q2:Are you a factory for NEMA light PhotoController products?
A2:Yes, LONGJOIN, as a well-known manufacturer of light PhotoControllers and accessories(NEMA 7 Photocell Cover and Base) in China, has more than 23 years of manufacturing experience. Complete Day Night Light Controller production line, strong Light Dusk to Dawn Controller design and R&D team. At present, LONGJOIN is actively responding to the development of the future smart street lighting system, and has developed new smart Street Lighting Controls that meet the smart city, including both ZHAGA and NEMA standards.

Q3:Why are there different color NEMA Photocell Covers?
A3:The choice of the color of the NEMA light PhotoController cover is based on the needs of customers. Different color covers will affect the service life of the PCB board inside the product. Generally, a fully transparent and black cover is rarely recommended. According to the principle of optics, a transparent cover cannot effectively hinder the sun. The sun can easily penetrate the housing and directly shine on the components inside the controller. Will affect the service life of internal components.

Q4:What is the function of the NEMA Photocell light controller housing window?
A4:Generally, the reason why the light NEMA 7 Pin PhotoController housing has a window is that the photosensitive components inside can receive the sunlight, and the light received through the photosensitive window adjusts the opening and closing of the lamp. Customers who purchase window NEMA Photocell Covers will eventually design a street light controller with photosensitive function.

Q5:What can be customized for the NEMA PhotoControl Cover?
A5:The contents that can be customized for the NEMA Photocell Cover include the color and height of the cover and whether there is a photosensitive window.